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More Online Backup Services

Evault - Encrypted Online Backup Services
Automatic backup and quick recovery
for laptops and PCs

With Globalink's EVault, you can greatly reduce the risks and costs of data loss and minimize recovery time for distributed PCs and laptops. This managed service provides automatic data backup, secure offsite vaulting, and fast recovery - while requiring minimal intervention by your IT staff.

EVault Managed Service:
  • Lets you quickly implement backup / recovery capabilities
  • Enhances data protection while reducing backup and recovery costs
  • Quickly recover files, without help desk assistance
  • Reduce storage needs by up to 85% through proprietary data reduction technologies
  • Automates backup policies without requiring user action
  • Encrypts data prior to transmission and storage at Secure Class A data centers
  • Streamlines the migration of PC data to new computers
Fast, efficient backup

EVault is powered by Iron Mountain, the leader in online PC backup and recovery. Following an initial full backup, highly efficient Delta Block® technology ensures that only data changes and newly created files are backed up going forward. With SendOnce® technology, identical files located on multiple machines, including email attachments, are recognized and backed up only once. The result is smaller, faster backups - even over dial-up connections - and reduced costs.  Contact Us for a free consultation, and find our more.

Simple, quick recovery

Equally important, EVault supports rapid recovery. All the data that's been backed up from a given PC is available whenever it's needed. Just a few mouse clicks safely retrieves files from a specific account and restores them to any computer with an Internet connection.

End users can now easily recover from common issues, such as accidental file deletions and viruses, by restoring backed up files themselves. When a system is stolen or beyond repair, anytime/anywhere system rollback lets a user restore all their data to a new PC, replicating their original files through the most recent backup. Following a large-scale disaster, your organization can immediately access data over the web or request that data be sent on physical media to your chosen recovery site.

Globalink's Online File Folder, is designed and priced specifically for companies or departments that need data backed up and moved off-site to a secure facility.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing that in the event of data loss you know that your valuable business data is safe and secure. 

The Online File Folder is a simple-to-use, backup and recovery service with no hardware requirements. We have both the fully automated and on-demand services. The automated service has an intuitive user interface that provides automated, scheduled backups and restores with ease and speed.

No more backup tape headaches. Elimination of tape media management optimizes backup and recovery processes, reducing manual handling and possible errors. Data remains encrypted while transferred over the Internet and during storage at Globalink’s secure data centers. Only the customer can access their data.

You can backup your critical data to our secure servers.  Contact Us for a free consultation, and find out more.



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